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ONE interview and I am DONE!! Vivek and Varun are among those mentors who make you believe in yourself. In my opinion, anyone from a top MBA program can get an average MBA job. BUT getting into a most desirable company is not easy for everyone without polishing the extra edge that differentiates you from others. If you need that extra edge (most of us need it) then I would highly recommend you to join Vivek and Varun. Here is my experience working with both of them... I always wanted to work for one of the top companies (I mean the world's most desirable companies). I worked very hard but I couldn't make it to even final round of any top company's interview process. Fortunately, I got into Vivek and Varun's contact and asked for their help. Through the initial consultation over the phone, both of them thoroughly understood my career desire, my capabilities, and areas for improvement. Their inputs were always customized and thorough. First, they listened to me and then suggested how I can improve (very specific suggestions). After my mock interviews, I received such detailed feedback. They noted down my every word and recommended me to improve my responses accordingly. I never received this kind of feedback before. You cannot believe that I got a job offer from the first company (a top company) I interviewed with after Vivek and Varun's help. What else I wanted? Vivek and Varun are great mentors and I do say this without any reservation. If you want to get an MBA level job in a top company, first I would advise you to have the free consultation call with Vivek and Varun. I am sure you would like to continue with them.


-- Shilendra Pratap (Shilen) Singh

Wake Forest University, MBA 2013


Shilen is the first Wake Forest MBA placed at Amazon, ever. He currently works as a Senior Product Manager at Amazon in Seattle. Shilen was so happy with our services that he referred his wife Shweta Agarwal to us - we are happy to have helped place her at Expedia. Shweta currently works as a Program Manager at Amazon. 



Thanks, Vivek!  I want to mention that I am highly impressed with your long term thinking and planning - very wise. No one has ever given me career advice like what I heard from you today. So thank you for that!


--Cornell University (Johnson), Executive MBA 2015



I had received many interview calls during the second year of my MBA but I was missing out on something or the other during the interview process. Then, I came to know about DMJ through my friend and contacted Vivek. We had a long chat about the MBA interview process and then he introduced me to Vaibhav. During our first conversation itself, Vaibhav made sure he understood my background and interests completely. He even gave some very useful advice about to-dos during and after job interviews. I was honestly very relieved and I was confident that I will get the job of my liking very soon. A week after, he started conducting mock interviews and after the interviews, he gave very detailed feedback on the things I was doing right and pointed out the ones that I can do better. I found the constructive feedback very useful and it helped me improve my interviewing skills tremendously. Even though we were in different time zones, there were days when Vaibhav stayed up late in the night to conduct interviews and have calls. This continued for every interview I had and he made sure that the questions were tailored towards my job and the industry.

Both Vaibhav and Vivek are super friendly and down to earth. Even the smallest(but very insightful) of the tips that they gave me before each interview of mine mattered a lot and brought a significant change in the way I conducted myself during the interviews. I cannot thank them enough for helping me land a job in an industry that I wanted to be in. In the future, if I ever need any advice on a career decision, they will be my 'go-to' people.


-- Purdue University (Krannert School of Management), MBA 2015



Vivek and his team are doing noble work by helping MBA graduates realize their career potential. Working with Vivek and Aditya, I was surprised to find that there are so many small things that can impact one’s job search to a great extent. I was lucky I could find their company which at times challenged me to improve but they always provided moral support during job search which could be painful and difficult. I learned many things during their process which will be applicable in my future career as well. I would also recommend them because they would work with you as a friend and mentor.


-- Kashyap Purani

Johns Hopkins (Carey Business School), MBA 2014

Director of Marketing, Product Manager - Zansors Washington, DC



I have a slightly unusual career path as opposed to the majority of MBAs. I worked at a Utility company prior to my MBA and wanted to build upon that experience using my MBA in finance. The energy industry seemed to be the best fit for me. However, getting an MBA level job in a highly regulated energy industry requires a lot more than just strong credentials and luck. This narrow scope proved to be a daunting task in finding a full-time job throughout my MBA program before I started working with DMJ. When I first spoke with Vivek, he spent a considerable amount of time figuring out my strengths and possible MBA level career pathways. Later, when I talked to Varun, I was absolutely clear that both of them are extremely accomplished in getting the job done for their clients. I was surprised to learn how much career services at business schools lack in providing a ‘personal touch’ to the students. Over the next few weeks, I worked relentlessly with Vivek for my applications and did a ton of mock interviews and case interview preparations. The results were amazing. I was constantly getting interview calls from employers and getting better at interviewing. I landed my dream MBA job within weeks and attribute my success to DMJ in large part. It wasn’t possible without their guidance and expertise. I would recommend DMJ’s services to every international student who has strong credentials but does not know how to get a foothold in the US corporate sector.  


-- Vaibhav Jain

Johns Hopkins (Carey Business School), MBA 2014

Finance Manager - NiSource/NIPSCO


Job search is a very tedious process. I joined a B school to get into my desired job position and thought the process wouldn’t be that difficult. Initially, I didn’t receive calls and wasn’t able to find the flaw in my profile. The first step that Vivek helped me with is modifying my resume and making it show exactly and precise in what I could bring to the company.  We had many discussions on my background and strengths. That was my initial move and I was getting shortlisted for many companies right after that. One more important thing I would like to mention. You should speak with Vivek whenever you are in pressure. He will make you feel strengthened again. Finally, I was in a position where I had multiple offers. I would strongly suggest taking DMJ’s services.


-- Meher Vurimi

University of Rochester (Simon Business School), MBA 2014

Principal Product Manager - Google


A career search is a very tedious and time-consuming process. Often times, we need someone with a similar background to guide us and give feedback during every step starting from reviewing resume till evaluating an offer. After I got in touch with Vivek & Srikanth, I understood where exactly I need to focus my efforts on and what type of positions I would enjoy pursuing in my future career. Srikanth's assistance in developing my resume was enormous. Vivek & Srikanth have shared various resources to prepare for interviews and were very quick in responding to my questions at ANY time of the day. They also have great connections at various levels in many organizations to network with and obtain more opportunities. The quality of information and services provided by them during mock interviews really helped me in crafting my answers and creating polished stories. Within 20 days of joining them, I received an offer. I highly recommend their valuable services.


- University of Arizona (Eller), MBA 2014



I think I was the last person to get a job in my batch but I got a job in one of the big 4 professional services firms (no one else did). This has definitely been one of the longest and the most stressful challenges so far. If I've learned one thing that I want to communicate- it's perseverance. I needed Varun and Vivek for that message to be communicated to me time and again. I got associated with Vivek in July '13 and immediately liked his approach to career search. Vivek is a very polite, hugely knowledgeable person and an outstanding advisor. Varun is a perfect example of what you need to become to get that dream job. Varun is an excellent communicator and a very aggressive networker. When I got associated with them, I learned from them and their skills helped me mold myself. This helped me better portray myself to the recruiters and hiring managers. Essentially, what DREAMMBAJOB does is that they act as your coach till your big game. Both Vivek and Varun worked with me tirelessly sometimes very late at night to prep me and make sure we were doing everything in our hands. But the good thing was unlike someone telling you how to search for a job, Vivek and Varun have a method to this madness- and it comes with experience. Small things like what you write in an email response to a 1st round HR query could make or break things. I would believe everyone no matter how experienced or worldly-wise you are, could take a serious unbiased professional opinion during this critical process. As many of you could relate from the crucible moment article, mine came in mid-September when I spoke to Vivek for one last time as I contemplated taking a contracting job assignment. The conversation lasted 23 minutes and the result of the conversation was 6 interviews from multinational brands. Well, you may be wondering, what was the conversation- it related directly to my first assertion- perseverance. Vivek in his polite words said " you're sitting in Silicon Valley, this is where jobs are created. This is not the time to get complacent. You will land with the job if you try now, I know it. Its a matter of when not if". We discussed a few targeted approaches and I did a couple of mock interviews with Varun and Vivek and Voila! I was able to get multiple offers from big multinational brands. My advice to all of you who are kind enough to read my testimonial- take your career search as seriously as possible and make sure you have a method to this madness- make a timeline, set reminders for follow-ups, make few calls a day-keeps your auditory senses alert for that surprise HR call, work out- keeps that stress level down. Second, take help from Varun and Vivek, you will need it one day better start early. Third, career search is not an expense, its an investment- make it- if you have to move to New York for that Investment Banking job or to Silicon Valley for a break with a start-up, do it- it really helps (again from experience you learn). Third, things will never come to you, you will have to go get it, get used to living outside your comfort zone. Its easier said but take that risk of calling the HR and asking why they rejected you when you think you were the perfect candidate- Be aggressive, but respectful. Finally, be the energizer bunny- Sometimes things take time, like in my case. You will succeed if you say to yourself- never say die!!!! All the best in your career search. Work with Varun and Vivek. They have shown results and I strongly recommend them.


-- Thunderbird School of Global Management, MBA 2013



Thank you for the opportunity to write a testimonial for you! As most business school students do, I had one on one informational sessions with around 100+ alums either in person or over the phone. It's been close to a year I graduated and I remember three of them. Vivek is one of them and the best and I will tell you why. Most students in Business school or even engineering school assume that either the Career Management Center (CMC) is responsible for getting a job for everyone. After all, that's what the folks at CMC are paid for. I have no doubt that most CMC personnel work hard to achieve that. But, the truth is today's employers want their candidates to contribute within weeks, not months, especially in the hi-tech industry, and it's extremely hard for CMC to keep up with the pace of the hi-tech industry. This is where exactly Vivek helped me out. We discussed what I wanted to do after I graduate, evaluated where I was, and discussed what I need to do to get there. In a couple of phone calls and a few emails, I gained a lot of clarity into what I was doing wrong and what I should have been doing. Vivek was accessible via email and phone, challenged my hypothesis politely and constructively, and forced me to dig deeper. As I worked more closely with Vivek, I realized that he was very passionate about helping others with their careers and wanted to see them succeed. This in turn forced me to work even harder and prepare extremely well for my interviews. He did mock interviews with me, questioned my thinking and logic like a real interviewer would do. By the time I got to the real interview(s), we worked so hard that the number of surprises in the interviews was almost zero. I am confident that I would not have been very successful without the advice and help I got from Vivek. If you are searching for a job and wondering why your round 1 or round 2 interviews are not translating into offers, Please pick your phone and call Vivek.


-- Cornell (Johnson), MBA 2012



Vivek and Varun played a pivotal role in my job search and interview preparations. Though I knew which industry I wanted to be in, I had no specific plan to approach my dream companies. I found Vivek’s and Varun’s philosophy and tactics (and service plans) extremely practical, and thus decided to take their help specifically to target my dream companies. After our initial brief discussion, they chalked out a plan for me and suggested improvements in my resume. I believed in their strategy and diligently followed their plan. At every step, I could experience the depth of their knowledge and thoroughness. What worked for me the best were the mock interviews conducted by Vivek and Varun. Interviews prepared me well, but the detailed feedback they provided at the end of every interview proved to be critical. The mock interviews and feedbacks instilled confidence in me that eventually helped me sail comfortably through the actual interviews. I would recommend Dream MBA Job to any MBA student/graduate seeking direction in job search and help in interview preparations.


-- Vineet Kulkarni

Thunderbird School of Global Management, MBA 2013

Vineet is the first newly minted Thunderbird MBA to be placed at Amazon, ever. He currently works as a Technical Program Manager with Amazon in Seattle.



Vivek was instrumental in my job search. He not only understood my career goals but also gave me actionable suggestions in my very first call - and yes he did not charge me for that :) I ended up accepting an offer a very well-reputed brand in the Marketing and Advertising industry. I would recommend Vivek to anyone who believes that hard work can indeed take you where you aspire to be.


-- Penn State (Smeal), MBA 2012



Vivek was very helpful in my career search. He gave me good insights into the roles I was interested in and brutally honest about some of the realities that came along with it. He was very approachable and always responded promptly to my emails. Though we could not get to it because of the time crunch on my end – he was very open to doing mock interviews to help me out. I would surely recommend that you have to talk to Vivek to find out what you are missing in your career search.


-- Cornell (Johnson), MBA 2013





Thank you so much. That was one of the most excellent interview feedbacks I have got. I will work on all those parameters that you had mentioned. I will also study the key articles and references shared by you. Hope everything goes well tomorrow. 


I will keep you posted. Fingers crossed!!




-- Vinothkumar (Vinoth) Narasimhan

University of Wisconsin-Madison, MBA 2012

Principal Product Manager - Amazon

Vinoth is the first University of Wisconsin MBA placed at Amazon Web Services (AWS), ever. He currently works as a Senior Product Manager with AWS in Seattle.



I got in touch with Vivek to learn more about the Product Manager profile at Amazon. I found him insightful and very knowledgeable about the overall structure of the firm. He had a deep understanding about the skills required and he was able to discuss the skills required for the position and help me evaluate whether my professional experience was a good fit for the position. He was able to help me understand what the recruiters are looking for the position and how I can position myself.


-- Rochester (Simon), MBA 2013



Vivek was my classmate at Cornell. Vivek pursued a non-traditional job route in B-school, which led him to reach out to a number of companies on his own. Through that experience, Vivek developed some invaluable skills related to recruiting. Ultimately if we define job search success in a formula, it will be, job success=number of interview opportunities generated * conversion rate. Having gone through the experience himself and having helped a number of MBA students, Vivek knows how to turn an introductory email into an interview opportunity. Vivek also knows very well what the interviewers look for in the interviewee. The differentiating factor with Vivek's service is that Vivek will offer you tips tailored to your personality and style and not generic tips offered by career counselors.


-- Cornell (Johnson), MBA 2011



Starting with no offers I ended up with 3 extremely competitive offers including 2 clients which were Fortune 500. While both Vivek and Varun were great, I had most of my conversations with Vivek and he did a splendid job with my job search strategy. Specifically speaking Dream MBA helped me in three ways:


Better focus on roles and companies: As an MBA it is easy to get lost in the umpteen options of jobs (brand management, Analytics, etc) and types of companies (agencies, client-side, small contractors, etc). They helped me better structure my search with respect to my aspirations, skills, experience, and market needs. 


Résumé: An MBA probably ends up having tens of people screening and offering tips on his résumé and I was no different. Their approach based on market realities and the need to highlight only necessary skills that contribute was a refreshing change. The structure they helped me proceed with, the content and its packaging was clearly provided due to their experience and was thankfully based on ground realities rather than idealistic screening process which seldom happens


Interview Prep: This was spot on with detailed notes that could be referred to as and when necessary was of great benefit. While I probably had hundreds on mock interviews including cases having detailed written feedback within hours of mocks helped me work in the right direction and nail the interviews that mattered most. 


Most importantly, they realistically bucket different aspects of a job search in what works, what might work, and what will probably not work. Hope this detailed testimonial helps you in getting more information on what to expect from Dream MBA. 


-- Aditya Puri

University of Pittsburgh (Katz), MBA 2013

Specialist, Marketing & Sales; McKinsey & Company


During the past few years, Vivek has provided real and grounded advice that has helped me a lot. He has proven to be very knowledgeable in the tactics and practice of recruiting in itself, but he also helped me figure out the industry and function that I am glad I eventually pursued. It is my belief that Vivek is in a great position to offer help and advice to anyone looking for a switch or a fresh beginning. He has had a very impressive industry experience and his track record during school make me confident in endorsing him.


-- Cornell (Johnson), MBA 2012



I got in touch with Vivek through LinkedIn and that was the best thing to happen in my job search. I had been trying for several positions but was not getting any feedback/callbacks from prospective companies. I thought that I have the killer resume but only after talking to Vivek and Varun, I realized the gaps in my resume. They worked so closely on my resume which enabled me to get interview calls from various companies. They also worked along the process in the mock interviews and even helped in formulating the ideal response. More important than anything, they were always available for help during the process. This was really a tiring process but, with their help, I could withstand the turmoil. The only regret I have is that it would have been great if I have known them during my first year. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking for an MBA level job.


- Boston University, MBA 2013



FINALLY, I got to hear the magical words - "Congratulations - we are happy to be extending you an offer and look forward to your joining Amazon! ". I will be working with the Catalog team.


I am yet to get an official offer, the recruiter is still working on it. Might get it by Monday or Tuesday.


I am thrilled to have received this wonderful opportunity to work with Amazon. This truly has been my dream company and job, and “DREAM MBA JOB” has been instrumental in making my dream come true. Thanks for being wonderful mentors in my job search.


As always, will keep you posted.  Might need your help and guidance in taking the final decision.


Talk to you soon.


-- Thunderbird School of Management, MBA 2013



It gives me great pleasure to recommend Vivek as a Mentor and as a Career Consultant both.   During my journey as a New MBA looking for a job, he took multiple roles. He consulted me as a mentor where it was needed as well as giving me tough love where it was needed. This approach helped me immensely as I took this feedback and applied it to both my job search as well as my general approach to well being.

One thing you can be assured of while working with Vivek that every minute you spend with him will be useful for you. I definitely felt that. Not only does he give you the feedback, but he also follows up with you to make sure that you are working on his feedback and improving yourself. He checks in at regular intervals and pulls you up when you are feeling down about your opportunities. This approach makes sure that you are not bogged down by failures. I wholeheartedly recommend him for a relationship that will be a win for you. Please make sure that you are willing to work hard to imbibe his recommendations in your job search. Otherwise, you are definitely missing out on a lot of real-word advice and long term career growth prospects. I definitely can see this impact and so have others who have worked with him. As a side note – he also is ready to share his personal network for your growth. Thanks, Vivek for everything and best of luck for your future endeavors.


--Rishank Manan

University of Illinois MBA, 2013

Deal Consultant, Microsoft