Services & Fees

The Dream Guarantee

Our Flagship Comprehensive Plans 1 & 2 include advice on (but not limited to):
  • Ideal employer and job function selection

  • Career, job function, and job location switching strategies

  • Resume creation, development, and customization

  • Cover letter creation, development, and customization

  • Behavioral interview preparation

  • Case interview preparation customized for each consulting company (M/B/B, Big 4 or boutique)

  • Advice for approaching informational and recruiting events

  • Advice on contacting alumni, networking, and cold calling prospective employers

  • Panel interview simulation and preparation

  • Telephone interview  preparation

  • PowerPoint presentation and public speaking training

  • Social media strategies

  • Non-traditional avenues for recruiting

  • Negotiating job offers

  • Detailed customized  feedback (5-8 pages single spaced for all mock interviews provided within 24 hours


In short, Dream MBA Job will do everything possible to help you find a suitable job. Our incentives are aligned with your success.

We will not help you "fake" your way into a job. For example if you do not enjoy case interviews you will not make a good Management Consultant. If you received a C in your core Accounting or Finance classes you may not become a good Investment Banker. We help you understand career paths that are a good fit for you and support you with a plan of attack from the beginning to the end of the process. 


All our services come with the "Dream Guarantee" a money back OR pay for results guarantee based on the service you enrolled for.

3. Customized (Hourly) Services
4. DreamCareer Strategy Consultation - with Vivek
1. Flagship Comprehensive Plan 
- MBA Students / Recent MBA Grads (2018 onwards)
2. Flagship Comprehensive Plan 
- Mid/Senior level professionals with an MBA
  • Customized services include resume preparation, cover letter development, mock interview preparation specific to the company you are targeting, advice on negotiating job offers, advice on work visa situations, etc. 

  • Detailed feedback (5-8 pages single spaced) for all mock interviews provided within 48 hours (or sooner when the situation demands).​

  • 10% discount on our standard hourly rate for 10+ hours booked. 



This is a phone or Skype consultation where you ask us anything related to your career aspirations. You email us your questions prior to the strategy call. Ideally a week before. This gets us thinking and makes our session more productive. During our call, you will have additional questions which we can brainstorm together. Afterwards, we send you a document with an action item checklist (5-7 pages, single-spaced) with specific steps to reach your short and long-term career goals.

The service also includes 2 versions of resume, 2 cover letters, and 2 mock interviews.


Nominal up-front or monthly retainer.


Additional fees (pre-determined % of your base salary offer) payable in flexible installments only after you start earning.





Additional fees (pre-determined % of your base salary offer) payable only after receiving a job offer that you love.

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