Frequently asked questions

The job search is one of the most unnatural, unenjoyable parts of our lives that is, nonetheless, unavoidable. The pain of the job search is the result of how unusual the job search is relative to the rest of our lives. We are here to help alleviate that pain.


What exactly do you mean by an MBA level Job?


We don’t define an MBA level job. You as a client do! For some of you, a job in a specific company, industry, domain or location may be what you’d like to pursue post-MBA. For others securing a lucrative job in the US may be the primary goal. We'll work together to determine if we can help you.


How will you choose companies that I get interview calls from?


We will understand your career aspirations and look at your educational background and work experience. We then proactively reach out to employers. We only apply to those companies and/or roles that fit your criteria for an MBA level job. We will not help you "fake" your way into a job. For example, if you do not enjoy case interviews you will never enjoy being a management consultant. We help you understand career paths that are a good fit for you and support you with a plan of attack from the beginning to the end of the process. 


It is hard to believe you have a fee back guarantee - is this for real?


Yes, all our services come with our Dream Guarantee a pay for performance OR money back guarantee. Please check our Services & Fees page for more details. We stand behind our guarantee and don't believe we should be paid unless we deliver.


Do you promise any timeline by which a candidate can get a job offer?


We work out a timeline that works best for you depending on your interviewing skills and how "ready" you are for final round interviews for your target jobs. Our clients on an average receive a job offer within 60 days of working with us.


What happens if I reject the job offer that I obtain through your team?


Our team works with you to get you a job offer. Your accepting or rejecting an offer is out of our control. We would of course work with you to decide which offer best fits your career aspirations. However, our standard policy is to be compensated once you receive an MBA level job offer.


I received a job offer with your help and have another opportunity in the pipeline. Will your team still help me?


Yes. However, our primary focus would be to first get you a desired job as that will provide you with the cushion and leverage to work on other opportunities.


How will you help me connect with people working in my target company?


We reach out to our informal and formal network in the same industry/company where you’d like to work. We also help our clients take mock interviews and informational sessions with employees of the company they are interested to work for.


Will I have to pay if I were to obtain a job offer from a company that I reached out through my own network?


Yes. Because our value proposition goes well beyond simply getting you an interview call or any initial contact with an employer. We coach you and customize a job search strategy that equips you with transferable skills that will help you obtain a job that you are able to generate even through your own efforts.


I am on a limited budget, can I pay in installments?


Yes. Most of our clients pay us in flexible installments after they get their job offer and start earning. Remember – we are there to help you out in any possible way we can, but we appreciate it if our clients pay us as soon as possible. 


Do I need an MBA for an MBA-level job?


It depends! Reach out to us to learn more. We have mentored clients with various academic qualifications (AS, BS, MS, PhD) 


Are you similar to a regular staffing firm?


We are neither a staffing firm nor a recruitment agency. We are behind the scenes career coaches. We pride ourselves on being the only initiative of its kind that helps MBAs obtain a job of their dreams.