I got in touch with Vivek through LinkedIn and that was the best thing to happen in my job search. I had been trying for several positions but was not getting any feedback/call backs from prospective companies. I thought that I have the killer resume but only after talking to DMJ, I realized the gaps in my resume.

— Boston University MBA

I got associated with Vivek in July and immediately liked his approach to career search. Vivek is a very polite, hugely knowledgeable person and an outstanding advisor. I was the last to get a job in my batch but I got into one of the big 4 (no one else did). DreamMBAJob acts as your coach till your big game by working with me tirelessly sometimes very late at nights to prep me and make sure we were doing everything in our hands. They have shown results and I strongly recommend them.

— Johns Hopkins MBA 

— Thunderbird MBA

Vivek and his team are doing noble work by helping MBA graduates realize their career potential. Working with Vivek and Aditya, I was surprised to find that there are so many small things that can impact one’s job search to a great extent. I was lucky I could find their company which always provided a moral support during job search which could be painful and difficult. I learned many things during their process which will be applicable in my future career as well.

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The core tenet of Dream MBA Job (DMJ) is that you do not pay for advice – you enlist our services to help you obtain a job you want.


You sacrificed a ton of time and money to obtain your MBA but your current job makes you feel underemployed, underpaid, or both. Contact us!

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"I hate networking and cannot generate interviews"; "I have interviews lined up, but I am not confident"; "If you help with my resume and cover letter, I'll be all set"; "I only need a panel or case interview preparation", "I just received a job offer, help me negotiate my salary!".


Each of our clients is unique and we can tailor our offerings. Check out our Services Page.

After having trained clients in multiple domains, industries, and locations, we understand the background that is valued in each setting.


More importantly, we help you hone and showcase your relevant skills and experience. Demonstrating your uniqueness will have your dream employers drooling! 

DMJ was initially focused on services for freshly minted MBA grads but we realized a growing need for our services from professionals looking for a mid/senior level career transition. We now take pride in being able to guide non-MBAs at the mid to senior executive levels

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We also train mid-career and senior-level executives
Corporate Finance to Data Analytics - Our consultants have you covered.
You worked hard for your MBA
You worked hard for your MBA

But you don't make the kind of money or have the type of job you imagined. Contact us ASAP!

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Consulting or Product Management?
Consulting or Product Management?

We can help with those difficult career choices, having been there ourselves!

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Cracking the Dreaded Case Interview!
Cracking the Dreaded Case Interview!

Prep for case questions customized to leading consulting firms M/B/B/Big 4/Boutique.

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You worked hard for your MBA
You worked hard for your MBA

But you don't make the kind of money or have the type of job you imagined. Contact us ASAP!

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The Secrets of an MBA Recruiter: Tips for Getting Hired 
Searching for a new career opportunity has become an increasingly social and relationship-driven experience. 


The Interview: Body Language Do's and Don'ts

Your heart feels ready to leap out of your chest. Beads of sweat build on your forehead. Your mind's racing! It's not a full-blown interrogation - although it may feel like it - it's just a job interview!



Using a Behavioral Interview to Select the Best Employees

Want to know the best way to identify whether a candidate's characteristics and motivations match the behaviors needed for your job?


3 Tips for Cracking the Case Interview

When it comes to interviewing, practice may not always make perfect, but it can certainly increase your chances of getting the job.

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